on Sunday, July 31, 2011
Smoke, popcorn, clown... Yes you guessed it right, it's circus! Yesterday I went there! It was so very long time since I last time visited that place. I have only few memories from my childhood about events around circus. But I know that I was there at least few times. I can recall that there was elephant, but I don't remember what was happening in arena. Now I had opportunity to see it from different view - as grown up.

First performance was with 3 small dogs, some might say that they did simple tricks, but I thought they did very good, atleast for the fact that they tails in arena didn't stop wigling. So they had fun them self and they did they best! Clown who was one of perfomance leaders was funny and he did hes job great. I know that some people are scared from clowns, but they shouldn't be at least from this one. I kept smiling almost all time! He also was involving in show young children and adults. They all at end got from him balloon! Some children was too scared to go in arena, but some was very exited about it and rised they hands to be picked. It takes skills for clown to improvise, because you never might know how children will react in action and how show will go. Last performance was “Globe of the death”. 3 motorcyclists in hight speed was orbiting in metal sphere with diameter 4 meters. This performance should be extrime and scare people, but I wasn't scared. I was bit worried about performers, but I also was sure that they knew what they was doing and wouldn't put in danger they own and other peole lifes. Funny thing, that not only bikes, but also they riders - performers was quite small size. I guess that helps them to perform tricks.  I also wanted to see elepants or horses or lions, also to see trained cats would be interesting, but unfortunelly they wasn't performing at this time.

Circus was great, but I think that it has most effect on children when they see everything as miracle. At show time I heard from children many exitment exclaminations, meanwhile when adults was just clapping. If you haven't bin in circus for long time like me, then you should tray it! Only I suggest not to watch everything with sceptism, but remember how children see miracle...

Pony before show and in break offered children to take a ride on his back


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