"Why my happiness is delayed?" "Why do YOU delay?! Your happiness is waiting for you!"

on Saturday, June 4, 2011
In this blog I will write about my life and different events in it. I will add some photos of things around me that I enjoy and what inspire me. I will add updates about new products in my etsy shop and bit about they making process. Also I will tray to make free crocheting, knitting, felting and other interesting tutorials to inspire other people. 

But how to start this blog? Off course with introduction! My name is Ilze and I was born in Riga, Latvia and still I’m living there. Because Riga is so small city many of you might wonder where is it? Riga is capital city of Latvia, which is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe (to the east by the “big Russia). Its population is only about 2.22 million people. For a quite long period Latvia was occupied by Soviet Union, there were mass deportations to Siberia while Latvia was Sovieticised. But finally Latvia regained its independence in 1991 and it is European Union (EU) member since 2004.  

Although Latvia is small country it is very unique. In Riga you will find beautiful architecture, some people because of it calling Riga a “Small Paris”.Also here in Latvia is many interesting traditions in handmade and festivals which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Off course many things in hundreds of years have been altered, some traditions have been more or less forgotten, some new have come in place.

I don’t live exactly in center of city, but about 20 minutes away from it. And I’m happy about it! Because I can feel that air here is much cleaner and it isn’t that much noisy as in city. I have that privilege to live in house with garden. I’m so happy in spring to go out in garden and see that winter is going away and grass is starting to grow. It’s much harder to notice things like that in always moving city. In summer there are many flowers which in early mornings smell so much better than any expensive perfume! Also many times few dozens of birds like to take over one tree and when they all starting to sing I could listen them for hours. I think it would be really hard for me to live in block house.

Here is some photos from my garden:  

Too busy.... work, work, work,...
These flowers isn't only beautiful, but also they smell really good. Specially in early mornings.
Last autumn's harvest!
I found him last autumn :)
 I am very creative person! All environments can inspire me. Even when I see a shadow it makes me to think about its form, color, maybe I can see there a cloud, a rabbit,... and all that can be realized in my creations! 

When I was young already then I liked art which I expressed by love to draw and paint. When I brought my first computer I learned digital art, but still my favorite thing is to create items with hands! I learned knitting and crochet when I was about 10 years old. Also I was interested in such handmade types as - weaving, tying. I learned my “first steps” from books, also my mother helped me. With years I improved my skills and learned lots of new in sewing, felting, embroidery. And I want to learn more!

I always like to experiment and make something new. In most cases you will find my works made of natural materials such as - wool, cotton, linen, but also in some cases I'm using novelty and other decorative yarns and materials to make some accent, different texture.

Every work I'm making with love and patience because I enjoy what I'm doing and I hope you also will enjoy results of my work!

Here are few of my creations that I recently made: 

This white rose necklace, bracelet and hair accessory is one of my latest creations. Very soon I will finish similar rose like this, but in bright pink color! I like it because it look so romantic.
Crochet pink wool shawl with flower closure.
Usually in garden there is quite many of bees flying around, so I made few of them from felt. I really like these bee hair clips!
Cute rabbit brooch :)
This crochet hat will fit baby from 3-6 month old! I like how colors look together in it.
Sunny yellow felt flower!
This flower reminds exotic one!


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