Felt flower brooch or hair accessory tutorial DIY

on Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm exited to present my first tutorial in my blog! I hope you will like it and you will find it useful and inspiring!

This project will be great for gift giving and also you can make flowers like these for yourself. I will show you how to make flower without glue, because my experience shows that flowers made without glue is much softer and elastic after they are done. But if you want, then you can use glue. Hot glue will be just fine or choose other glue which will be transparent after it will dray out.

If you will use recyclable materials that you already have, then you can make this flower for FREE! Also you don't need to cut patterns perfectly! Isn't that easy? 

Felt flower brooch
Back side of it.

These tutorial is for flower brooch approximately 5,4" in diameter.

For this project you will need:

1. Piece of felt (I'm using A4 paper size felt)
2. Thread (in matching color)
3. Sewing needle
4. Scissors
5. Ruler or measuring tape
6. Piece of paper (about half of A4 is fine)
7. Divider
8. Pin back (I'm using 1,2" long) or hair pin, hair elasting band, etc.

Tip: You can alter measurements depending on what material you are using and what result you want! Also you can use different stitches.

Step 1: Draw and cut patterns from paper

1.) Draw on paper two circles. One - 5" in diameter, other - 1,4".

2.) Draw 1"x1" hearth or choose other form, for example circle. Size of hearth can depend on how big brooch pin you choosed.

3.) Cut patterns out

Tip: If you want to make hair accessory, then you won't need hearth shaped cover for pin back.

Step 2: Cut felt

1.) Pin paper patterns on felt. Cut them out.

2.) Cut a strip of felt. I used 31" long and 2,5" wide felt strip. Don't worry if you don't have 31" long felt, just cut several pieces and sew them together when you are at step 3, part 1.

3.) Cut about half inch strips in felt strip. They don't need to be perfect. Stop at half inch away from the end.

4.) Pin smallest paper circle on largest felt circle’s middle. Cut strips in largest circle, but don't cut over smallest circle. Strips can be wider on outside.

It should look like this!

Tip: You can use soap to draw lines around paper patterns. It's perfect if you want to keep kids away from small, sharp pins.

Step 3: Sewing

Optional would be to use matching color thread, or choose thread that is most invisible on piece of felt that you choosed. I'm using pink felt, but I don’t have pink thread, so I took white one.

1.) Take the felt strip, start to roll it and sew. I was sewing it together after each about half inch to the previous two or three layers. 

Stitch that I used. Click on image to see this sewing stitch closer.

2.) If you think that there is not enough thickness in flower, then you can cut and sew more strips together.

3.) Take largest circle, which is our flower's base. Sew it on rolled strip’s back.  If there is too big inner circle on flower’s base, then just cut strips on it bit longer until inner size matches rolled strip's base size.

Click on image to see this sewing stitch closer.
These is how flowers back looks like after covered with base.

4.) Take brooch pin and sew it on flower's base. If you want to make hair accessory then sew there hair pin etc.

Almost done!

5.) Sew heart shaped felt piece on brooches pin’s back. Be sure that heart will be positioned correctly when  later you will wear brooch. At first I wanted to use same color hearth, but then I changed my mind and used bright pink heart. It looks great!

Click on image to see this sewing stitch closer.
Click on image to see this sewing stitch closer.

6.) Take your flower at its base and slightly shake it. Check it for too long petals that are sticking out too much. Just take scissors and cut them bit shorter, but remember that this flower looks better if it’s messy!

7.) Enjoy your new accessory! 


• If petals looses they form, just shake flower little bit at its base and it will be fluffy again!

• Instead of felt you can use fabric. If you are economical like me or you are on budget, then you can use your old clothing or leftovers from your other DIY projects. You can even use your old jeans! Cut them, sew and voila you have a great accessory! I wouldn’t suggest knitted or crochet fabrics for this project. Before you start to work with any used clothing - wash it!

• To make one flower like this, you won’t need all material from jeans (or other fabric pants). I suggest that you start to cut from jeans bottom, not from top. Just cut old jean legs off and you will have not only new flower accessory, but also matching color shorts!

• You can use some lining material or organza, lace fabric to make more romantic and ethereal flowers for wedding, prom etc. 

Also you can mix fabrics! 

• If you want this flower to be done faster, then use hot glue. But without it, flower will be softer and it will be easier to go step back if you made mistake or you don’t like result.

 • You can make them from used plastic bags! Only then best would be to use glue or even melt plastic together. Room should be well ventilated if you will melt plastic! Search for tutorials about how to melt plastic with flat iron.

• Kids can make these flowers from paper. In this case use glue, not sewing. Be sure to supervise child who is under 5 years old! If child is young, then instead of cutting with scissors, child can tear paper with hands! Be sure to give child safe glue and that room is ventilated while using it!

• Don’t delete leftovers. You can reuse them in other projects. Or cut little hearts from them and give them as gift to your friends and family! :) 

You can use this flower idea and tips as you wish, however DO NOT COPY this tutorial images and text!


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